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The root cause of the damage caused by the aluminum profile manufacturer?

2022-04-29 15:26:36

The root cause of the damage to the aluminum extrusion press? A main component of the aluminum extrusion machine product, it is dismantled and replaced according to the difference of the extruded product in use and actual operation. During the replacement, attention should be paid to the operation steps to avoid the damage of the aluminum extrusion machine due to improper use. .

1. Use a crane to hoist the built-in filter chamber in the preheating furnace to the filter chamber removal table for thermal tightening.

2. Hang the thermally-tightened filter chamber into the corresponding part of the melting filtration device, and then perform a thermal cycle for 1 hour after tightening. Usually, there is a certain deviation between the temperature of the aging furnace and the surface temperature of the aging furnace. When setting the surface temperature, the setting should be carried out according to the specific temperature of the furnace. The technical and sales market of Chinese reclaimed copper should pay close attention to the fluctuation of the aging furnace temperature.

3. Open the air release valve of the air filter chamber and slowly rotate the handwheel at the inlet end.

4. When the working pressure decreases slightly after filtration, it indicates that the filter chamber is gradually fed, and the rotating handwheel is terminated to ensure that the working pressure after filtration does not fluctuate significantly.

5. When the air release valve overflows and melts, tighten the air release valve.

6. Slowly and evenly rotate the hand wheel in and out at the same time, (the working pressure does not fluctuate greatly after filtering as the standard), until the switch is in time.

7. Observe whether each component is running out of material. If there is no abnormality, cover the thermal insulation board.

8. After 2 hours of work to confirm that there is no abnormality in the new filter room, the aluminum profile processing manufacturer will open the air release valve to remove the filter room to release the residual pressure, and it is not necessary to face the air release valve to prevent accidents.

9. Remove the filter chamber and disassemble it while it is hot.

10. Put the disassembled filter element into a special container, and hoist the aluminum laser marking machine and the filter chamber body to the circulating fluidized bed, and prepare for cleaning in advance.


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